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Modbus Master is a modbus master debugger designed to help developers of modbus slave to test and debug the modbus protocol.With the multiple document inteface you can read and write registers and colis from any window.For each window you simplly specify the modbus slave ID,functions,address, size and data format,to change the register or coil just double click the value.You can also monitor the communication with the Monitor Window and filte the data frames with the toolbar.You can filte by read or write or functions,and the data can be exported to txt or html file.


Supported Protocol Variants:

  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus RTU Over TCP/IP
  • Modbus ASCII Over TCP/IP

Supported Modbus Functions:

  • 01: Read coil status
  • 02: Read input status
  • 03: Read holding register
  • 04: Read input registers
  • 05: Force single coil
  • 06: Preset single register
  • 15: Force multiple coils
  • 16: Preset multiple registers 

Supported Data Format:

  • Unsigned short
  • Signed short
  • Unsigned integer
  • Signed integer
  • Unsigned integer inverse
  • Signed integer inverse
  • Float
  • Float Inverse
  • HEX
  • BIN

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Click Here to Download Modbus Master Now!

System Availability:

Windows 7::Windows 8::Windows XP

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