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The foundation of business security

The security requirements for any new or existing company no matter how large or small – should be the same. While protecting your companys intellectual property and securing customer data are good business practices, the impact of any virus outbreak greatly affects the companys operational efficiency and can incur lost productivity from the workforce.

This loss of productivity can cripple a small company and at best, hamper the companys growth. The answer to data loss and lost productivity from malicious malware is proactive protection.

Companies can effectively protect their business clients from attack by using BitDefenders ability to detect and prevent known and zero-day threats, ensure compliance to corporate security policies and manage them effectively with fewer IT resources.

Effective malware protection and endpoint management

While antivirus is the foundation of a good security policy, it is no longer the only answer to protecting your workforce from malicious threats.  BitDefender Client Security has evolved beyond a single antivirus detection engine to provide a more complete security approach to deal with the latest threats targeting your business.

Large numbers of workstations can be quickly and easily managed via BitDefenders Centralized Management platform, giving IT administrators organization-wide visibility into malware threats and the ability to proactively protect their network resources. The BitDefender Management Console provides a centralized point for remote installation, configuration and reporting of all BitDefender Clients, Server and Gateway products deployed within the network.



Holistic endpoint protection and management

BitDefenders Business Security Solutions consolidate threat information and system status from across all managed and unmanaged Windows and UNIX-based platforms running within the organizations network.

Endpoint system events and critical issues are quickly identified and easily resolved with one click problem resolution, minimizing administration and response times to critical incidents.


BitDefender Client Security offers multiple levels of protection and client management functionality. All features are remotely configurable, including advanced security policies to control user’s access to removable devices, local applications or time limits for internet usage.

BitDefender Client Security

BitDefenders Client security provides a host of features targeted towards the small to medium size business, including the following key features;

Multi-layer threat protection

  • Award winning virus detection, cleaning and quarantine of viruses, spyware/adware, Trojans and rootkits
  • Allows flexible scheduling of on-demand or immediate execution scans for possible infection assessment
  • Quarantines infected or suspected files, minimizing risk of propagation
  • System level spam protection with constantly updated whitelists/blacklists and Bayesian learning engine to identify new spam that bypass traditional filters
  • Customizable content filtering to identify sensitive information to minimise data leakage
  • Personal firewall protection for remote and roaming users

Integrated end-to-end security solution

  • Reduced risk of infections from websites by using real-time scanning of all endpoints web traffic
  • Enforced security policies by application level controls to prevent users for running specific programs on endpoints
  • Higher productivity and security by blocking users from visiting specific types of websites or sending out emails with sensitive information
  • Remote management consolidates configuration and threat information from all endpoints and servers via the dashboard interface
  • Reduced resource costs and overhead of managing multiple clients
  • Provides remote policy-based configuration and management
  • System configuration, auditing, installation, and application removal

Defense in depth

BitDefender Client Security is just one element in a comprehensive suite of solutions providing end-to-end network protection from the gateway to the desktop.  BitDefenders proactive, multi-platform products detect and stop viruses, spyware, adware and Trojan threats that can compromise your network integrity.

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